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Upgrading the free version

Article Details

New Starting with Article Details Profiles v5.1, it becomes very easy to upgrade from the free plugin Article Details.
Due to the way the profiles version works, when you upgrade, and as long as Article Details is enabled, you will end up with:

  • all Article Details settings transferred to a published Article Details Profile module instance (if the category selection of the free plugin is different than none), without menu assignment,
  • all Article Details settings transferred to the Article Details Profiles plugin,
  • the Article Details Profiles plugin enabled.

You will need to manually set menu assignments for the module instance. Once done with menu assignments, you will be able to disable the free plugin. If you don't, you will end up with duplicated information in your articles.

There is no direct path to upgrade from the free plugin to the Article Details Profiles package prior to version 5.1.

Make sure the free plugin Article Details is disabled and that the new plugin Article Details Profiles is enabled. You can use the free plugin as reference of the previous implementation.

  • When upgrading to the profiles version, frontend language keys remain the same, therefore language overrides are reusable.
  • Plugin syntax remains the same so articles containing that syntax do not need to be modified.