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Latest News Enhanced

Pro v4+ Joomla 3.7+

In order to show icons, you need to download, install, enable and select the custom field of type SYW Icon.

You need to create an instance of the custom field for your articles. In order for icons to be hidden from articles (and only show in the Latest News Enhanced Pro extension), set the automatic display parameter of the custom field to 'No'.

This feature is not available in K2

Default icon The icon to use when no icon has been found
Background color The icon's background color
Color The color for the icon
Border width The border around the icon (in pixels)
Border radius Make the corners round (for a round background, use a radius that is half the size of the head)
Border color The border color
Shadow width [CSS3] A shadow to the icon's background
Icon shadow width [CSS3] A shadow to the icon
Space to border An extra space to apply between the icon and its outer border
Preview A preview of what the icon will look like in the extension (changes as you set it up)

Hover effect [CSS3] An effect that will be applied to icons whenever icons are linked

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