Trombinoscope is now Trombinoscope Contacts
Trombinoscope Extended is now Trombinoscope Contacts Pro

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Categories Select the contact categories (single or multiple selection)
Sub-categories Automatically selects the next level or all levels of a category
Tags Select which tags the contact must have. 'All contact associated tags' will select all contacts having tags
Tags match type How tags need to match
  • All The item is selected if it has all of the tags
  • Any The item is selected if at least one tag is found
Meta keywords Filter the contacts through the listed meta keywords. To bypass categories, select ‘all categories’.
Exclude IDs Exclude contacts from the list of selected ones

Example 20,34,47

Include IDs
Show only the listed contacts

Example 20,34,47

Include featured Decide if you want to include featured contacts or not. Have them show first or be the only ones
Category order The order of the categories
  • Order by administration console order
Order The order in which the articles are presented (per category if categories are ordered)
  • Order by administration console order
  • Name by the contact name field
  • Sort field by the contact sort fields (this is the best way to have total control over contact sorting)
  • Name format (1st part) by name, formatted in the view
  • Name format (2nd part) by name, formatted in the view
  • Random randomly
  • Manual by way of the specified manual order

[see section: Sorting names]
Manual order ids The contact IDs, ordered and comma separated when ordering is set to ‘manual’

Example 20,34,47

Max count The maximum number of contacts that will show. Leave blank to show all contacts.
Note When using pagination, the max count is ignored
Trombinoscope Contacts v2.6.0
Trombinoscope Contacts Pro v2.6.0