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Fix common issues

Truly Responsive Slides
Issue 1

When I click on an navigational arrow, nothing happens.

There may be a CSS conflict between the slider and the template or other modules used. Specifically for the a:focus and/or a:active tags (position and top CSS properties may be overridden).

Issue 2

I have display issues under Internet Explorer 8. How come?

The module uses media queries to display in multiple devices. It was designed to work specifically in responsive designs. Most responsive templates include a mechanism that will allow the use of media queries in those older browsers and render them compatible.

When included into a non-responsive template, this mechanism will be missing most likely. I would suggest you download a library like css-mediaquerie.js to add media queries support to your template for IE 7/8 and other browsers that do not support them.

Issue 3

I cannot paginate through K2 items when selecting a tooltip.

There is a minor bug in the K2 component that does not allow the use of multiple selection fields on the same page. I have issued a fix and this may be included in the next K2 update. In the meantime, there are 2 possible workarounds:

  • when selecting an item in the modal window, paginate to the next page. Close the modal window, it will re-open on the next page. Lame, but works...
  • apply the fix I have submitted to the K2 team. You can find it on Github.