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Updating older versions

jQuery Easy

Before updating, make sure you read the change logs and are aware of potential backward compatibility issues.

Moving to Joomla 5 from Joomla 4.4

The upgrade is seamless and no side effects have been reported so far. If you have the latest version installed under Joomla 4.4, no update is necessary when upgrading to Joomla 5.

The extension works properly without the Compatibility plugin enabled.


Moving to Joomla 4 from Joomla 3.10

There have been many under-the-hood modifications in Joomla 4, which means that the changes you made under Joomla 3 through the plugin to fix javascript issues will need to be re-evaluated.

Therefore, disable the plugin when moving your site to Joomla 4. Install the specific Joomla 4 version and re-enable only if needed under your new configuration. The plugin's parameters are reset on install unless you are using the pro version.

For general instructions on moving from Joomla 3.10 to Joomla 4, please check this tutorial out!

Must read: specific instructions about the migration for this extension.

Migrating from v5.2.x to v5.3

Joomla 4 This version supports all Joomla versions 4.1 and over.

Migrating from v5.1.x to v5.2

It's a bug fix release with additional support for Bootstrap 5.3.

Migrating from v5.0.x to v5.1

It's a bug fix release with additional support for Bootstrap 5.2.

Profiles The main feature in this release is the possible addition of defer attributes for all scripts.

Migrating from v4.2.x to v5.0

This version either adds more options or replace old ones. In any case, it does not change anything in the behavior of your pages (unless you select any of the new options). All old parameters are automatically replaced with the newer counterparts and parameter values are moved over to the new parameters on update.

Migrating from v4.2.x to v4.3

There are no potential issues to look for.

Migrating from v4.1.x to v4.2

The noConflict regular expression has been improved and when stripping 'noConflict' code, the option 'Yes, ignore variable declarations' now catches ALL declarations, eliminating errors that could result from falsely removing 'must keep' variable declarations. If you compensated the removal of needed variables declarations by adding them again in 'Add script declarations' ('scripts' tab), you will need to remove those extra declarations to avoid variable declaration duplicates.

Migrating from v4.0.x to v4.1

There have been some internal code improvements, but they won't affect your settings.

Migrating from v2.x (free) or v3.x (Profiles) to v4.0

There is no backward incompatibility introduced in this major version but the extensions went through a major code re-factoring and many under-the-hood improvements.

Therefore it is of the most importance that you test the update before installing it on your production site.

The plugin's 'engine' may also catch more issues than before, potentially hidden in your previous installation.

Profiles Core overrides options have moved to the plugin. If you have enabled the options disable tooltips and disable caption in the global configuration section, you will need to reset them in the plugin (the new option is Yes, by overload)

Profiles Regular expressions (regexp) have been modified internally. If you are replacing the extension's regexp with your own, you may need to modify them as well. The internal regexp no longer include src=" and href=". The attributes src=" and href=" are re-injected into the regexp only when lookups are made on the whole page.

Migrating jQuery Easy Profiles from v2.x to v3.x

The extension is now packaged as a component, with a brand new dashboard packed with information.

Migrating jQuery Easy from v1.x to v2.x

Other than the revamped user interface, there have been a few fixes that may affect your page's output.

1 Some regular expressions would not take into account the - and instead would mistakenly refer to it as the range indicator.

What does it imply practically? Some scripts or stylesheets may get removed, while they were not removed before the update.

For instance, the script /js/sub-directory/jquery.js was not removed in v1.x. It is now removed in v2.x.

2 The stripping of scripts and stylesheets (options strip remaining...) is now independent from the jQuery fixes, allowing you to use those options even though no fixes are made on a page.