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Trombinoscope view: contact picture

Trombinoscope Contacts
Picture Decide to show the contact picture or not
Default picture The picture to show when the individual contact picture is missing. If there is no default and there is a default picture in the Contacts Joomla core component, that image will be used.
New v4.4 if setting 'high resolution' to 'Yes' and 'process pictures' is set to 'No', provide a high-resolution image (see the 'high resolution' parameter for details)
Picture alignment The picture alignment, related to the text
  • Left will show the picture on the left of the text (landscape mode)
  • Right will show the picture on the right of the text (landscape mode)
  • Alternate, starting with left will alternate left and right alignment
  • Alternate, starting with right will alternate left and right alignment
  • Top will show the card in portrait mode (with picture at the top, information details at the bottom)
Orientation switch width [Grid view only]
The width under which a card in landscape mode turns into portrait mode. 
It does not apply to cards that have pictures aligned on top from the start
Picture width The width all contact pictures will have (in pixels)
Picture height The height all contact pictures will have (in pixels)
Keep height When the picture is not processed, the picture can keep the height setup above, no matter the height of the original picture.
Do not keep height Keep height
No Yes
Background color The color of the picture’s background and the borders
Border width The border around the picture (in pixels)
Border radius The radius for the corners of the picture
Shadow Add a shadow to the picture
Rotation A CSS3 transition (rotation) to apply to the picture. Rotate the picture clockwise (ex: 5) or counterclockwise (ex: -5)
Scaling Shrink the picture for a perfect fit inside its container (especially if the picture is rotated). Set a value from 0.7 to 1
Keep space Leave an empty space if the contact picture is missing and there is no default.
Perfect to keep a unified look to all the contact cards.
Keep space Keep space
No Yes
High resolution Use/create a high-resolution image that will be twice the width and height of the original picture to be visible on high pixel ratio screens (like Retina displays).

When processing the pictures through the extension, the high-resolution image is created automatically.

Warning If you are not processing the pictures through the extension, you need to provide high resolution images manually. High resolution images are twice the size of the original and their file name ends with @2x. For instance, image.jpg of size 100x200 has a high-resolution counterpart [email protected] of size 200x400
Process pictures Will resize/crop/filter the original picture to fit the specified width and height. Otherwise, will show the original picture, resized, without any processing.

WebP and Avif image file formats support: when processed, fallback images are created (needs PHP 7.1 minimum for WebP, PHP 8.1 for Avif). When keeping originals, provide a fallback image with a .jpg or .png extension.
Mime type The mime type of the generated thumbnail. When no option is available, the thumbnail is of the same type of the original image
Filter A filter to apply to the processed pictures. It is possible to combine 2 filters for more complexe effects (example: select Grayscale and Sketch for a black and white sketch picture)
  • Blur
  • Sharpen
  • Sepia
  • Grayscale
  • Sketch
  • Negate
  • Emboss
  • Edge detect
    Edge detect
New 4.5 apply CSS filters on thumbnails OR original images. With CSS, you are no longer limited to filters applied to thumbnails through the GD library. Reduces server processing!
Picture quality The image compression (0 to 100) for jpg, png, webp and avif files.
0 has worse quality but smallest file size, 100 has best quality but bigger file size. Usually, a quality of 60 gets the best trade-off between picture quality and file size. 
Link Link the picture with the link specified in the layout tab
Tooltip Show a tooltip when the picture is linked (a picture is linked when the Link to parameter is set in the Layout section)
Hover effect A CSS3 animation to apply to the picture on touch or click.
Use the effect picker that provides a wide range of animations
Warning The picture rotation and scale parameters are NOT compatible with picture hover animations
Effect extra margin Additional space to put around the picture to allow the effect to expand properly (in pixels).
Only applies to effects that do grow the picture size
Background picture
Individual background An optional background picture different for each contact.
  • Default background Each contact gets the default background, if it has been set
  • Contact picture Each contact gets its picture as background or the default background if missing
  • Media custom field Joomla 3.7+ Each contact gets the custom field of type media selected or the default background if missing
Default background Default image to show when the individual background is missing

An image PHP extension is required for the creation of image thumbnails. The GD PHP extension is used by default. Make sure this extension is available on your service provider's server. The extension will detect this automatically.

Joomla 4 The extension supports the Imagick PHP image extension. If Imagick is available on your server, you may use it instead of the GD extension. To do so, go to the SimplifyYourWeb extensions System plugin and select the preferred library.

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