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Directory view: logos

Weblink Logos


Default logo The image that will be used if weblink items are missing their first image. Useful to spot which weblinks are missing images. Otherwise, when images are missing, the weblink items don't show.
Note A placeholder image is provided with the extension
Width (px) The thumbnail width in pixels
Height (px) The thumbnail height in pixels
Restrict width / Fit to thumbnail Restrict the logo dimensions to the generated image
Center vertically Center the generated image vertically when the image height is smaller than the logo height
Background color The color of the background for the logo area
Effect A CSS3 animation to apply to the logo on touch or click.
Use the effect picker that provides a wide range of animations
Opacity The logo's opacity
Filter A filter to apply to the logos.
  • Sepia
  • Grayscale
  • Sketch
  • Negate
  • Emboss
  • Edge detect
    Edge detect
New apply CSS filters on thumbnails. With CSS, you are no longer limited to filters applied to thumbnails through the GD library. Reduces server processing and speeds image load by up to 50%
Filter hover A filter to apply to the logo image used on touch or click
High resolution Create a high resolution thumbnail that will be twice the width and height of the processed picture to be visible on high pixel ratio screens (like Retina displays)
Quality .jpg The image compression (0 to 100) for jpg files.
0 has worse quality but smallest file size, 100 has best quality but bigger file size. Usually, a quality of 60 gets the best trade-off between picture quality and file size. 
Quality .png The image compression (0 to 9) for png files.
9 has worse quality but smallest file size, 0 has best quality but bigger file size.
Quality .webp
The compression for the .webp image (0..100).
100 has best picture quality but image file size is the biggest.
Usually, a quality of 60 gives good results (enough compression to make the file size small but not too much so that the image still looks good)

The logo thumbnails are created from the ‘First image’ parameter of the standard Joomla Weblinks component. If a ‘Second image’ exists, it is used as hover image (make sure images are stackable).

The PHP GD extension php_gd2 is required for the creation of image thumbnails. Make sure this extension is available on your service provider's server. This will be detected automatically.