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Article title

HTML header tag Choose the HTML header tag to give to the title to match the template (h1...h6)


The information details for the article item. There are 3 possible types of information to show BEFORE/ABOVE the title and 9 possible types to show AFTER/BELOW the title.

Show icon A possible icon to precede the text
Icon Profiles Select an icon that will override the default one
Prepend text The text that can be optionally prepended to the information

Example Add Written by  to add 'Written by ' before the author's name (don't forget the space after 'by')

Type The type of information to show
  • Hits the hit count
  • Rating the item rating
  • Author the item author
  • Created date the article creation date
  • Modified date the modified date
  • Published date the published date
  • Finished date the finished date
  • Created time the article creation time
  • Modified time the modified time
  • Published time the published time
  • Finished time the finished time
  • Parent category the article parent category
  • Category the article category
  • Categories combo the article parent category + category
  • Tags the item tags
  • Linked tags the item tags linking to the tag view
  • Keywords the item meta keywords
  • Linked keywords (search) the item meta keywords linking to a search
  • Linked keywords (finder) the item meta keywords linking to a smart search
  • Links A, B or C the article links A, B or C
  • Links A B C the article links A, B and C
  • Links A B C newline separated
  • Share icons the share icons selected
  • JComments: Comments count the item comment count when using JComments
  • JComments: Linked comments count the item comment count when using JComments with link to the comment section of the item
  • Email the email link
  • Print the print link
  • Profiles Joomla Fields Joomla 3.7 custom fields
Append new line Creates a new line after the selected information
View In which views the information will show
  • Both in lists and article views
  • Lists in lists only
  • Item in article views only
Access Profiles The access level group allowed to see that information