Latest News Enhanced Extended is now Latest News Enhanced Pro

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Show errors Will show the errors encountered while creating the news items, if any
Remove Whitespace Pro Experimental
Removes white spaces from the HTML output for faster page loading. Please report any issue


Reset pictures whether to re-create the image thumbnails every time the page is loaded or not.
'No' will improve server performance once the module is properly configured and ready for prime time
Thumbnails cache path The path for the thumbnails created (by default, in the media folder under /thumbnails/lnee).
It is possible to save the files to the temporary folder of the Joomla configuration or the /cache folder
CSS overrides Simple CSS tweaks that can be added and applied to the module. The code is minified automatically to be as small as possible.
Styles must be prefixed with #lnee_[your module id] in order to affect the module instance only.
Prefix styles with .lnee to affect all instances on the page.
Check the user stylesheets section for more information
Reset headers Re-creates the cached stylesheets and scripts after style/animation modifications have be made to the module.
'No' will improve server performance once the module is properly configured and ready for prime time.
New Stylesheets and scripts are cached in the Joomla core cache folder. If you have many instances of the module and need to reset those files, just go to the cache menu in the Joomla administrator console (System -> Clear Cache), select the module and delete it (if images are also cached in that folder, they will be removed but automatically re-created).


Show on mobile Show the module on both desktop and mobile devices, hide from mobile devices or show only on mobile.
This feature is server-based, therefore it uses less resources when the page is created (the module exits before any item retrieval), unlike CSS which could be used to hide the module otherwise.
Warning There are limitations to this feature: the browser object uses the reported user agent to detect mobile information, which may not be accurate
Show on item page Adds the possibility to hide the module from the current item page
After paragraph Pro Show the module instance inside an article or K2 item after paragraph number X. This parameter is only visible once the plugin Related News in Article is enabled and the module instance has been saved with the position parameter set to inside-article
Pre text Text or HTML code to display before the module items
Post text Text or HTML code to display after the module items
Trigger events Pro Prepares the content by triggering potential content plugins included in the pre and post text (code included in {...} like the loadmodule plugin)