CDN of choice
Choose the Content Delivery Network (CDN) to be used by the plugin.
  • Google CDN
  • Microsoft ASPNetCDN
  • jQuery MaxCDN
  • Cloudflare CDNJS
Some options may have a fallback CDN if the files selected are unavailable.
Check Content Delivery Networks for more information
Head-only modifications
Limit the plugin processing to the <head> area of the page (off by default)
Note Use when there is no need to check the <body> area. It will improve performance and limit server resources consumption.
Strip blank lines Removes the blank lines created by the plugin’s cleaning.
Note Disabled by default because it may slow down the loading of long pages.
All libraries
Protocol Set the protocol that will be used to load the libraries.
  • http 
  • https may be required on specifically secured sites
  • None to avoid most mixed-content (http and https calls on a same page) browser warnings. It will adapt the script to what is optimal for the site.
Compression Load the libraries compressed or not. The ‘minified’ option is selected by default (best loading times).
The un-compressed libraries would be mostly used for jQuery debugging (perfect if you want to see Migrate logs).
Versioning Joomla 3.2+ Adds a version number to script or stylesheet local files
Show report Show a report of the changes made through-out by the plugin.
  • No won't trigger the report
  • Yes will trigger logging and show a full report on the frontend
  • Super User will trigger logging and show a full report on the frontend to a logged in Super User profile only
Check Reporting Tool for more information

Profiles Note Use Global options are available for the jQuery Easy Profile module instances. Those options are set in the jQuery Easy Profiles plugin.