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Slide Menu

Bare 960 Responsive
Title The title to show when the menu is minified
Menu tag ID The id of the menu that will be reduced to a hamburger style menu.
Use with main menu or side menus.
The id is set in the advanced options of a menu module instance
Slide Slide the menu from the left or the right
Width (px) The width of the sliding menu panel
Push content Push the content or slide over it
Always on
The menu used in the sliding panel is always a hamburger menu
Height (px)
The height of the sliding panel header. Without a number, no X (closing) will show
Include logo
Add the small logo to the panel header
Include title
Add the site title to the panel header

Pro version J! 3.6-3.10 1.3

The online documentation is under construction. Please refer to the printed documentation available for version 1.2 in the meantime.