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Migrating from PayPerDownload

Sesame pay-for-access

If you have been a user of Pay Per Download and want to move on to Sesame Pay for Access, there are a few steps to follow to experience the smoothest migration possible. 

Do not test the migration on a live site.
  • The migration has been tested when migrating from Pay Per Download v6+. Any prior version may encounter issues. Therefore, it is best if you are up to date with Pay Per Download under Joomla 3.
  • Make sure all the resources that you have been restricting access to are supported by Sesame Pay for Access. Some resource plugins may still be missing. In that case, hold off the migration, contact the author and request support for the missing resource plugin(s). Supported plugins can be downloaded from this site.
  • Alpha User Points are NOT supported in Sesame Pay for Access. However, credit points are not removed and can still be accumulated on purchase. There is no redeeming of the points accumulated. It will be introduced at a later stage.

Go to Components -> Sesame Pay for Access -> Backup/Restore.

If Pay Per Download is installed, you should see 3 additional buttons in the interface.

Button: Import configuration from PayPerDownload

By clicking this button, you will be able to migrate all your Pay Per Download configuration parameters into Sesame Pay for Access. There is no limitation on this task, but once you start changing Sesame's configuration parameters, you will lose those changes by clicking that button again.

Button: Import table data from PayPerDownload

Clicking on this button will transfer data from the Pay Per Download database tables into Sesame Pay for Access tables. This action can be repeated as long as you don't start using Sesame Pay for Access. Every pass will empty the tables first.

Button: Replace PayPerDownload views

Clicking this button will turn all the Pay Per Download menu items you have created into Sesame Pay for Access menu items. This cannot be undone and should be done last, after successful completion of the migration.

If you get any errors, please contact support.

Last details

You can install/enable additional resource plugins and payment gateways at any time during the migration. Nonetheless, these need to be installed/enabled prior to testing (if they were in use in Pay Per Download).

  • Do not forget to gather the public and private keys from the payment gateways used in Pay Per Download to inject them in the new plugins.
  • Payment gateway(s) need to be setup manually. Testing modes are available in the plugins themselves.
  • You need to disable Pay Per Download before testing (at the very least, disable the plugin System - PayperDownload). Go to Extensions -> Manage -> Manage to do so.

At the end of the process, after testing, you can safely remove the Pay Per Download extension. It will also remove the additional migration buttons from the Backup/Restore view.

Pay Per Download extensions you can safely remove:

  • Pay Per Download (component)
  • Button - Paytoreadmoremore (editors-xtd plugin)
  • Content - Paytoreadmoremore (content plugin)
  • System - PayperDownload (payperdownloadplus system plugin)
  • User - Referer (user plugin)
  • All plugins found in the payperdownloadplus folder
There is no direct migration from PayPerDownload for Joomla 3 to the Joomla 4 version of Sesame Pay for Access. You will need to install Sesame Pay for Access for Joomla 3 first before any migration to Joomla 4.


I can see language keys in the resources view

The associated resource type plugins are probably missing or disabled.