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Global configuration: permissions

Weblink Logos

The permissions allow a set of user to access specific information and perform specific actions.
In Weblink Logos Pro, on top of the standard permissions you can find for administration (such as configuring ACL, configuring options or accessing the administrative interface), there are a few, introduced in v2.8, that are specific to weblink edition on the live side of the site.

Pro 2.8


Use this permission to allow the user group to create a new weblink (logically, since the weblink will be saved with the field created_by set to the user who creates the weblink, the user group must also have at least edit.own access permissions).

Pro 2.8


Use this permission to allow the user group to delete a weblink.

Pro 2.8


Use this permission to allow a user group to edit a weblink. It gives the user overall permissions. To better target editing privileges, use the following permission.

Pro 2.8

Edit Own

Use this permission to allow a group of users to edit all weblinks that have been created by the user.