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Article Details

Shows the article rating (or votes) as text or star icons.
The voting form only shows in the article views, as an inline form. It is removed when printing. 

New 6.3 Joomla 4 The voting form is now part of the adp_detail_rating.php rating layout.


  • The article option Show Voting must be set to Show.
  • Disable the Vote Joomla content plugin to avoid duplicates forms.
  • Only one form on the page is allowed.


Rating example

Rating example with stars

Language overrides

When selecting this type, the resulting output is (in English) 4/5 from 34 user(s) in its text configuration. When there is no rating, the resulting output is No rating.

The following constant keys can be overridden:

  • PLG_CONTENT_ARTICLEDETAILS_RATING (value: %s/5 - %s represents the rating ratio)
  • PLG_CONTENT_ARTICLEDETAILS_FROMUSERS (value: from %s user(s) - %s represents the number of users who voted)

The form constant keys can also be overridden:

  • PLG_CONTENT_ARTICLEDETAILS_RATE (value: Rate) for the button
  • PLG_CONTENT_ARTICLEDETAILS_VOTE (value: Vote %s - %s are values 1 to 4) for the values 1 to 4
  • PLG_CONTENT_ARTICLEDETAILS_VOTE5 (value: Vote 5 (best)) for the value 5


To add text before the ratings in a multilingual environment, override the constant key PLG_CONTENT_ARTICLEDETAILS_PREPEND_RATING.