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Before updating, make sure you read the change logs and are aware of potential backward compatibility issues.

Cached scripts and styles are removed on update. Updates fix issues, add features and/or improve performance and these wouldn't be reflected unless all cached files are re-generated.

Migrating to v4.2 from v4.1.x

CSS classes info-header and info-footer have been removed, therefore if you added custom CSS using those classes, please review your code:

  • replace .info-header with .articledetails-header .info
  • replace .info-footer with .articledetails-footer .info

Article Details Profiles Pill and Flip calendars are now part of the extension. No update needed.

Migrating to v4.1 from v4.0.x

Information blocks are no longer placed inside the p HTML tag but into dl/dd tags instead.

Article Details

Migrating to v4.0.0 from v3.0.x

You can safely update the plugin but there are major differences to consider:

1 The plugin behaves differently in article list views (blogs and featured) and article views. The plugin considers them now distinct and you will need to reset a few options for lists (see the layout tab).

2 Information details classes have been re-labelled for better skinning. If you rely heavily on CSS to make changes to the standard output, you may need to make some modifications.

For instance:

<p class="details">
  <span class="detail detail_tags">
    <i class="SYWicon-tags"></i>
    <span class="article_tags">Tags : tag 1, tag 2, tag 3</span>

is now:

<p class="details">
  <span class="detail detail_tags">
    <i class="SYWicon-tags"></i>
    <span class="detail_label">Tags : </span>
    <span class="detail_data">tag 1, tag 2, tag 3</span>

There are also a lot more options now to 'skin' the output and some of your CSS overrides may not be necessary anymore.

3 You need to re-select the share icons previously selected. The plugin is backward compatible with old values only until you save it again.

4 The caching of stylesheets and scripts has gone through a total rewrite. It is no longer necessary to change file permission access on websites that have very tight security rules. If you have setup file permission access for the files of this plugin, you can now safely remove them from your server configuration.

You may still, however, run into access permissions under the new caching system. In that case, it is just a matter of granting access to (or white-list) the /cache folder created for the extension.

Article Details

Migrating to v4.0.0 from v2.0.x

Here are the few additional changes that can affect your outputs:

5 If the parameter location was used to show the information details BEFORE the title, all information will show AFTER the title. The parameter location has been removed and replaced with sections before title and after title.

6 The language override PLG_CONTENT_ARTICLEDETAILS_APPEND_HITS has been replaced with PLG_CONTENT_ARTICLEDETAILS_HITS. Therefore, if this key has been overridden, you will need to modify it.

7 Information may disappear. The reason is: the plugin takes into account the article options and does not override them anymore.

8 The CSS that hides the original article title has been modified to accommodate the latest Joomla versions. Therefore, the title might show twice in your configuration. Correct this by changing the values of the Title parameter in the advanced tab of the plugin. In previous versions, .item-page h2 was replaced with .item-page h2:first-of-type automatically. It needs to be specified explicitly from now on to avoid confusion.