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Pro v4+

When showing images, thumbnails are automatically created from the original image source (when crop pictures is set to 'Yes').
You can find more information in the Image Processing section.

There are a few cases where the original image is used in place of a thumbnail:

  • the gd PHP extension is disabled,
  • the image path is remote (starting with http/https) and is a link to a generated image (the image path does not contain an extension like .jpg),
  • the image path is remote (starting with http/https) and the PHP setting allow url fopen is off,
  • the image extension is neither jpg, jpeg, png or gif.

Thumbnail creation may fail for other reasons. In order to understand why it has failed and/or why your are getting original images instead of thumbnails, turn on 'show errors' from the 'advanced' tab.

Creating thumbnails with larger dimensions than the original images will generate images of poor quality.

Default image The image to use when no image has been found
Warning If the article image thumbnail creation fails, the default image is used instead. In order to see why thumbnails fail to be generated, remove the default image and set Show errors to yes in the advanced tab
Background color The image's background color for images having transparency
Border width The border around the images (in pixels)
Border radius The image border radius
Border color The border color
Shadow width [CSS3] A shadow to the image (the bigger the value, the larger the shadow).
Hover effect [CSS3] Select an effect that will be applied to images whenever images are linked
Create thumbnails Let the extension process the images or not.
If you are not creating thumbnails, the images will be restraint to the head images and width given. No image will be cached.
This can be useful in the event you are loading previously optimized images that do not need resizing.
Warning when using original images and since images are not cached in that case, avoid looking for images in the text content, which is server intensive.
Crop pictures Crop images to fit the required head width and height while preserving aspect ratio. Otherwise, the thumbnail will fit the width or height
Filter A filter to apply to the thumbnail
  • Sepia
  • Grayscale
  • Sketch
  • Negate
  • Emboss
  • Edge detect
    Edge detect
Quality .jpg The compression for the .jpg image (0..100).
100 has best picture quality but image file size is the biggest.
Usually, a quality of 60 gives good results (enough compression to make the file size small but not too much so that the image still looks good)
Quality .png The compression for the .png image (0..9).
0 has best picture quality (no compression) but image file size is the biggest.
Usually, 3 to 5 give satisfying results
Allow remote access Gives access to remote image files (only valid when allow_url_fopen is enabled) when creating thumbnails.
High resolution Create additional thumbnails ready for devices with higher pixel ratios (like Retina screens)

Warning If you are not creating thumbnails through the extension, you need to provide high resolution images manually. High resolution images are twice the size of the original and their file name ends with @2x. For instance, image.jpg of size 100x200 must have a high resolution counterpart image @2x.jpg of size 200x400
Lazy load Defers the loading of images until needed
Loader type The loader used for lazy load
  • Default use the loading animated gif packaged with the extension
  • Data URI add specific encoded image directly embedded into the source code
  • Image select your own image, animated or not
Data URI The encoded image data that will be used as loader.
The format is:
data:[mime type];charset=[charset];base64,[encoded data]
Image The image (animated or not) that will be used as loader
Image tag attributes Attributes that can be added to the <img> tag
Example data-pin-nopin="true" will prevent images to be pinned for Pinterest

Warning the PHP GD extension php_gd2 is required for the creation of image thumbnails. Make sure this extension is available on your service provider's server. The module will detect this automatically.

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