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Bare 960 Responsive
Theme The theme to use for the current style of the template.

As a rule, DO NOT use the theme_original theme provided by the template if you decide to modify its CSS files. Create your own copy of that theme and use it instead (on update, the template will replace theme_original by its updated version)

Font size (px) The font size of reference for the template framework
Site font The font used for the website
Headers font The font used for the headers and any element specified in the Header selectors field
Header selectors The list of headers (coma separated h1, h2 ...) the headers font will be applied to. Other html tags can be added to the list of selectors
Additional CSS
The additional CSS that applies to the template style. It allows you to use the same theme to different template styles and still add specificity to the CSS

Pro version J! 3.6-3.10 1.3

The online documentation is under construction. Please refer to the printed documentation available for version 1.2 in the meantime.