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Using Mail Templates

Weblink Logos

Joomla 4+ Pro
In Joomla 4, you now have the possibility to personalize mails sent through your website. The same is true with Weblink Logos Pro.

Go to System -> Templates -> Mail Templates

Each template contains tags that will be replaced with the appropriate information before the email is being sent.

New Mail template: Edit Notification

Sent when it is required to send a notification email after a web link has been edited in the frontend.

Available tags

sitename The site's name
user The user name of the person who edited the weblink
username The username of the person who edited the weblink
weblinkid The id of the edited weblink
weblink The name of the edited weblink
url The URL of the site the email is originating from
modifieddata A list of the changes made to the weblink's values
  • The modified data is represented as a json string, containing 'raw' data (separated into modified, added and removed sections).
  • The modified data will only show strings with at most 1024 characters. When truncated, the identified modified data will start with [Truncated].