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SEF advanced links Removes ids and only uses aliases.
Note It only applies to categories and contacts
Default view The view that is used by default when no specific contact view is associated with the contact and the contact needs to open under a specific menu item (after a search for instance).
By default, the selected view is the first one found. In multilingual websites, the first Trombinoscope view found in each language is used.

Specific functionality

Features that are not supported by the standard core Contacts component have been added throughout the component's releases. These features required new fields that can be added thanks to the Content - Add key contact fields plugin. With Joomla! 3.7 custom fields, it is now possible to associate those features with custom fields to get the same functionality and flexibility that were enabled by the Content - Add key contact fields plugin.

The following feature - field associations are just informative for versions prior to Joomla! 3.7. It will confirm that features are available if the required fields have been properly enabled in the plugin.

In Joomla ! 3.7 ad over, it is possible to associate a custom field of the proper type to a specific feature.

Maps Enable the Map field in the plugin or select a custom field of type url that will contain Google Map link information.
Among other things, contact addresses can be linked to a Google map with this feature.
Birth date / Age Enable the Birthdate field in the plugin or select a custom field of type calendar that will contain birth date information.
It can be used to show a contact's birth date or age
Facebook, Twitter ... Enable the associated social field in the plugin or select a custom field of type text or url that will contain social media information (for instance, if the type used is text, the content could be johndoe while the field of type url could contain

Note Custom fields associated with a feature will not show in the selection of fields (Contact Information tab) in the views and in the module. They will be available under that feature instead.

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