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Comparisons free / paid versions

jQuery Easy
Features FreeGo free ProGo pro
best for site-wide modifications or one targeted area of a site best to optimize and target different areas of a site with different configurations
available profiles 1 unlimited
scan for issues on the whole page (head and/or body sections) or v4+ just through Joomla's API on the whole page (head and/or body sections) or just through Joomla's API
target scans to entire site, specific templates, components, or pages entire site, specific mobile or desktop devices, templates, components, menu items, access groups, languages, or pages
regular expressions un-modifiable modifiable
add your own
jQuery support Yes Yes
'slim' versions support
jQuery UI support Yes Yes
removed in Joomla 4
jQuery Mobile support
No Yes
removed in Joomla 4
Remove JCaption
Yes Yes
Remove the Chosen plugin No Yes
Bootstrap support No
Joomla 4 Yes
Disable Bootstrap tooltips No Yes
Tooltip fix for conflicts between Bootstrap and jQuery UI No Yes
Button fix for conflicts between Bootstrap and jQuery UI No Yes
removed in Joomla 4
Disable MooTools tooltips
No Yes
Add/remove scripts and stylesheets Yes Yes
Add jQuery declarations No Yes
Add scripts before the end of the <body> tag No Yes
'async' and 'defer' when loading javascript No Yes
additional scripts only
Content Delivery Network Google by default choice between Google, Microsoft, Cloudflare or jQuery
Help throughout Yes Yes
updates Yes Yes
report issues Yes Yes
forum support read-only
no post
unless you own a valid basic membership
email support No
unless you own a valid basic membership
Features Go free Go pro