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Latest News Enhanced Pro component elements

Latest News Enhanced

Pro v4+

The Latest News Enhanced Pro component is composed of:

Pro Global configuration parameters that sets default layout configurations (useful if most menu items will be looking identical in structure)
Pro 2 menu items (Blog/Blog for K2 view) whose instances show a blog-like view of news items, whether for articles or K2 items
Free Pro A module (Latest News Enhanced) whose instances show select articles or K2 items
Pro Joomla 4 A content plugin (Latest News Enhanced Data Sources) that handles the switching between data sources in the module instances
Pro A content plugin (Related News in Article) that allow module instances to be inserted into articles or K2 items after a certain number of paragraphs
Pro A system plugin (Back to view) that adds a back link to articles or K2 items when opened from a view
Pro A system plugin (Breadcrumbs) that can hide sub-menus of the component views in breadcrumbs
Pro A quick icon plugin that shows updates in the Control Panel and a link to the component's page
Pro An installer plugin where you can enter your license's download id and enjoy one-click updates
Pro A component page offering site-wide and component-specific information
  Calendar images added to the media manager

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