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Article Details
Date The date used to create the calendar element
  • Created
  • Published
  • Modified
  • Finished


Top position The top portion of the calendar
  • Empty leaves an empty space
  • Weekday
  • Day
  • Month
  • Year
  • Time
2nd position  [identical selection]
3rd position  [identical selection]
4th position  [identical selection]
Bottom position The bottom version of the calendar
[identical selection]


Weekday format The format to use for the weekday (short or long)
  • Monday .. Sunday
  • Mon .. Sun
Month format the format to use for the month (short or long)
  • January .. December
  • Jan .. Dec
  • 01 .. 12
  • 1 .. 12
Day format the format to use for the day (with possible leading '0')
  • 01 .. 31
  • 1 .. 31
Time format the time format as set in the Details tab


Original Original
simple calendar look with text centered
Flip Profiles Flip
A variation. To get this look, set:
  • top position: empty
  • 2nd position: day
  • 3rd position: month
  • bottom position: empty
  • overall colors
Pill Profiles Pill
A variation. To get this look, set:
  • top position: day
  • bottom position: month
  • top colors
  • bottom colors
Download additional calendars Profiles Download more calendars
Border width Adds a border to the calendar
Border radius [CSS3] The border radius (for CSS3-ready styles only) (in pixels)
Border color The border color 
Shadow width [CSS3] The width of the shadow (for CSS3-ready styles only) (in pixels)
Note The width of the calendar is the element width (set in the layout tab) minus the shadow width x 2
Font Standard family font or Web font for the calendar.

New Joomla 4 The extension supports the GDPR-compliant web fonts from To select the service (Google is the default), go to the SimplifyYourWeb extensions System plugin and select the web font service you wish to use.
Font size reference The size from which the whole calendar text is based on (in pixels)
A calendar of height 80px could have a 14px font size reference for instance
Top Calendar Colors Overrides (when present)
Overall Calendar Colors Overrides
Bottom Calendar Colors Overrides (when present)
Text The text color (hexadecimal with or without the #)
Background The background color (hexadecimal with or without the #)
Background 2 The 2nd background color for CSS3 gradients (hexadecimal with or without the #).
Only available if the calendar style allows for it