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Trombinoscope Contacts

The free version Trombinoscope Contacts

Install the module through the Extension Manager of the Joomla administrator's console. It will install the Trombinoscope Contacts module and the Simplify Your Web Extensions library.

Note You can download and install the module directly from the Install from Web tab of your website. Type simplifyyourweb in the search box and select Trombinoscope Contacts.

Install from Web
Install from Web in Joomla 4

The pro version Trombinoscope Contacts Pro

Install the component through the Extension Manager of the Joomla administrator's console.

Note The Pro version can only be downloaded from this website, once you are logged in and if your license is valid.

Starting with version 2.11, you can now use the new download id that is associated with the extension. This will allow you to make one-click updates through the Joomla installer, without the need to download the updates manually.

Go to Extensions -> Plugins and select the Installer type.
Enter the download id (found on the site under 'My purchased licenses' once you are logged in) in the enabled Trombinoscope Contacts Pro installer plugin.

The free and pro versions

Starting with version 2.4.4, the extensions library is no longer required as a separate download. If missing or outdated, the library will be automatically installed.

If, for any reason, the library fails to install or update, please download and install manually.

Required external library download

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