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Alternative layout Use a different layout from the supplied module or overrides in the templates
Configuration The overall layout of the output.
  • Grid items are shown next to each other. Text is located under the logo
  • List items are shown in a vertical fashion. Text is located beside the logo
Footnote Add a footnote at the bottom of the module (for credentials for instance)


Overall width (px) The max width of each element in pixels.
Leave blank in grid configuration to use the logo width as default.
Leave blank in list configuration to use the container's width

Example of items having a max width, taking the size of its content:

Overall width example
Exact width When set to 'yes', the items won't resize. Otherwise, the items can get smaller than the overall width, depending on their content and container

Example of forcing items to be of an exact width:

Exact width example
Top margin (px) The top margin for the item
Right margin (px) The right margin for the item
Bottom margin (px) The bottom margin for the item
Left margin (px) The left margin for the item
Moved to styling tab
Background color
The color of the background for each item
Moved to styling tab
Font size
The font size for the text (100% will keep the size of the template's original size)
Logo tooltip Show or hide the tooltip on the logo
Caption Show the links’ caption (caption of the first image by default, title otherwise).
The second image data is not taken into account
CSS classes The CSS classes to add to the caption

Example label label-info

Alignment In grid view, align the text:
  • Left
  • Center (default)
  • Right
In list view, vertically align the text:
  • Top (default)
  • Middle
  • Bottom
Title Display the item's title
HTML header tag The HTML tag to apply to the title (h1, .. h6)
Link title Make the title clickable
Hits Show the number of hits
CSS classes The CSS classes to add to the hits

Example label label-info

Hit feedback Adds a ‘clicked’ CSS class to the hit item (via jQuery)
Before 3.0 When enabling that feature in a module instance, it makes it available to all other instances on the page
Text separator The symbol/text to separate information
Description Show the description of the link or not
Letter count max The maximum number of letters of the description to show (leave empty to show everything)
Truncate last word
When the text is truncated, it is possible to leave the last word intact or allow it to be truncated to get closer to the letter count max
Strip tags Leave the html formatting or not
Keep tags Select which tags to keep when stripping tags (no ‘end’ tags necessary)
Trigger events Trigger 'onContentPrepare' events from the description. 'No' ignores the calls and removes the plugins syntax
HTML tag wrapper The HTML tag to use to wrap the description of the item (choose from div, p, span, q, dfn)