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Fix common issues

Article Details
Issue 1

The title of the article shows twice

The plugin is setup to work with standard Joomla! content. As such, it will try and hide the default article title (which happens to be the first h2 tag).

However, some templates override the default output and may use other means to represent the title, which the plugin cannot be aware of. Or simply, a suffix was added to the parent classes of that title. Removing this extra title will have to be tailored to your situation through the use of CSS. Such CSS modifications can be done in the advanced options tab of the plugin.

For instance, in the advanced tab, replace the Title setting (of the hidden elements section) with .article h3.title if the template wraps the title like the following:

<div class="article">
    <h3 class="title">The title here</h3>

The same holds true for the article detailed info, links, tags and icons.

Issue 2

The plugin shows the information twice

This usually happens if the plugin syntax is used in the article and that the same article is a member of a category selected for modifications by the plugin.

Issue 3

The Content - Vote plugin shows before the article header

The Article Details plugin triggers on the event onContentBeforeDisplay. Other plugins (like the voting one) get triggered on the same event. Therefore, the order in which the plugins are listed in the administrator console matters. Changing the order of the plugins will fix the issue UNLESS the plugin syntax is used. When using the plugin’s syntax articledetails-header, the modifications are attached in place in the article content itself, therefore any plugin called by onContentBeforeDisplay will always show before the header created by Article Details. One solution here, in the specific use of the Vote plugin, is to disable it and use the rating information type of Article Details. This will control where the voting information needs to go.