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Migrating from Joomla 3.10 to 4

Truly Responsive Slides

These are the steps to follow specifically for Truly Responsive Slides or Truly Responsive Slides Pro to experience the smoothest migration possible.

There is no migration path from the free version under Joomla 3.10 to the pro version in Joomla 4. Migrate the free version from Joomla 3.10 to Joomla 4 first, then under Joomla 4, upgrade to the pro version.

Under Joomla 3.10

First make sure you have an up-to-date version of Truly Responsive Slides or Truly Responsive Slides Pro. It's important that you have installed the latest version. You can download the latest free version or download the latest pro version and install.

Pro Go to Extensions -> Plugins.

Type 'Truly Responsive' in the search box.

Disable the plugin, if enabled:

  • Quick Icon - Truly Responsive Slides Pro

This will remove potential update issue warnings and prevent issues once under Joomla 4 until the extension is re-installed.

Go to Components -> Joomla! Update. Click on Check for Updates. You will see update pre-checks.

The SimplifyYourWeb Extensions Library will be updated automatically. Ignore warnings about the library, if any.

Prior to the move to Joomla 4

Download the free version of the extension for Joomla 4 or the pro version.

Under Joomla 4

Go to System -> Install section. Click on Extensions.

Install the free package Truly Responsive Slides or the pro package Truly Responsive Slides for Joomla 4.

Pro Go to System -> Manage section. Click on Plugins.

Type 'Truly Responsive' in the search box.

Re-enable the plugin if you had it enabled under Joomla 3.10:

  • Quick Icon - Truly Responsive Slides Pro

Re-position module instances if you are using a new template.

Make sure the Bootstrap compatibility of the extension is set properly and complies with the new template. If the extension's compatibility was previously set to Joomla and that the new template is using Bootstrap 5, packaged in Joomla, you are good to go!

Remove or update the template overrides for this extension, unless your template is different under Joomla 4, in which case you can leave the old overrides in place. If you need to use the overrides you had made under Joomla 3, update them and copy them over to the new template.