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Template overrides

Latest News Enhanced

It is possible to create template overrides for every selected data source.

When creating overrides through the template manager (create overrides tab), the Joomla! article and K2 items layouts are automatically duplicated and can be modified (under the [template]/html/mod_latestnewsenhanced directory for the free version or under the [template]/html/mod_latestnewsenhanceextended directory for the pro version).

It is not necessary to rename those files, they will have priority over the default layouts supplied with the module.
If layouts are renamed, they need to be specifically selected in the module.

External datasource plugin layouts can also be overridden but this needs to be done manually (prior to Joomla 3.9).

For instance, for the newsfeeds data source, create the file
where default.php is a copy of the file plugins/latestnewsenhanced/newsfeeds/tmpl/default.php

If the file is renamed, it needs to be specifically selected in the module. Otherwise, the template override will have priority over the default layout.

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