Visible items The items that are visible at one time


Cover animation Cover
Scroll the items left or right by covering previous visible items
Fade animation Fade
Fades the items
Scroll animation Scroll
Scroll the items left or right by pushing previous visible items
Pro Download more animations
Direction The direction of the transformation (if the animation allows for it).
  • To left
  • To right
  • To top
  • To bottom
Note If the configuration is 'vertical', use 'to top' or 'to bottom'. If 'horizontal', use 'to left' or 'to right'
Auto start Starts the animation automatically or waits for user interaction
Speed The time spent by the transformation (ms)
Interval The time between 2 transformations (ms)
Move Animate one item or all at a time


Type The pagination style
  • Prev - Next
  • Pages only
  • Dots only
  • Prev - Pages - Next
  • Prev - Dots - Next
Positioning The position of the pagination compared to the items or the module title
Pagination below Below
Pagination above Above
Pagination around (horizontal layout Around
(horizontal configuration and 'Prev - Next' type only)
Pagination around (vertical layout) Around
(vertical configuration and 'Prev - Next' type only)
Pagination with title Pro
With title
Alignment The alignment of the pagination (for all except the 'around' horizontal configuration)
Style The pagination look (default is an un-skinned look).
Use 'Bootstrap' to match any Bootstrap-based template
Size The size of the pagination (relative to Bootstrap)
  • Default
  • Small
  • Mini
(Specific) Size The size of the pagination relative to the font size of reference (when style is set to 'default')
Offset The distance between the news items and the pagination
Note when using the horizontal configuration and the 'Around' positioning, this is the distance from the top
Prev/Next types Choose from arrow, Joomla translation (can be overridden) or your own label
Prev/Next labels The labels for the previous and next links
Links to display The number maximum of page links to show at a time (limits the number of pages to show when there are a lot of them)
Title syntax
The syntax to use when showing the pagination at the module title level


Title syntax

When showing the pagination at the title level, the original module title is hidden and replaced by the HTML code specified in the ‘title syntax’ field. Usually, this code must match the original template module title layout (found in the file html/modules.php of the template used).

{headertag} The header tag found in the advanced options
{headerclass} The header class found in the advanced options
{title} This is the module title
{pagination} This represents the pagination block

Most likely some CSS tweaking will be required to match your requirements.

<div class="{headerclass}">
<div class="myclass">