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You do not need to uninstall the extensions before updating them. In fact, by uninstalling them, you will lose all configurations (module instances...).

Before updating, make sure you read the change logs and are aware of potential backward compatibility issues.

Cached scripts and styles are removed on update. Updates fix issues, add features and/or improve performance and these wouldn't be reflected unless all cached files are re-generated.

When updating to a major version of the component or free module, it is good practice to check if themes you have downloaded separately are still up-to-date with the version you install.

Migrating to v2.7.x from v2.6.x

Name, categories and tags in Contact views are now set in 2 places: at the page level (Page Display tab) and at the information level (Contact Information tab). Therefore any CSS used to hide name, categories and tags at the page level are no longer necessary.

Note Values (for categories and tags) that were previously set in the Page Display tab are the ones that are now set in the Contact Information tab

Migrating to v2.6.x from v2.5.x

Contact views have been reworked, improved and simplified, therefore all contact view overrides (column and tab layouts) need to be checked to reflect those changes.

Migrating to v2.5.x from v2.4.x

The caching of stylesheets and scripts has gone through a total rewrite. It is no longer necessary to change file permission access on websites that have very tight security rules. If you have setup file permission access for the files of this extension, you can now safely remove them from your server configuration.

You may still, however, run into access permissions under the new caching system. In that case, it is just a matter of granting access to (or white-list) the /cache folder created for the extension.

Since stylesheets are now located into the /cache, relative paths to theme's background image and fonts are broken, therefore you need to re-install the themes downloaded separately. If you do not use background images for your contact cards or do not use themes 3 and 4, you may ignore this notice.

Trombinoscope Contacts v2+

Migrating from Trombinoscope v1.x

The new version is a complete rewrite, therefore, by updating to this version, you will loose most configuration settings. You should consider testing the module first. DO NOT UPDATE ON A PRODUCTION SITE.

Trombinoscope Contacts Pro v2+

Migrating from Trombinoscope Extended v1.5.4+

The component can be easily migrated from the v1.5 series. Still, DO NOT UPDATE ON A PRODUCTION SITE. Test the migration first.

It takes a few steps to make sure the update goes smoothly.
Those steps need to be done in the following order:

  1. [optional] Update the external library to the latest version if this has not been done previously,
  2. Install Trombinoscope Contacts Pro v2.x (it will modify database data when necessary),
  3. [optional] Update additional themes for v2 if installed for v1.5 (themes 2, 3 and 4 will have to be re-selected in menu and module instances if not done at this stage)
  4. [optional] Go to the content plugin Add key contact fields if enabled in v1.5. Check the parameters (make sure the 'company' field is enabled) and SAVE (if not done in proper order, the 'company' field will have to be re-selected in menu and module instances),
  5. [optional] Go to the user plugin Edit contact in profile if enabled in v1.5. Check the parameters and SAVE,
  6. Go to all Trombinoscope Extended menu items created in v1.5 (now called ‘Trombinoscope’ views). Check the parameters and SAVE,
  7. Go to all Trombinoscope Extended module instances created in v1.5 (now called ‘Trombinoscope Contacts’). Check the parameters and SAVE.

The migration is complete at this stage.


Checking the parameters is important in the previous steps.
For instance, the formatted address has been removed and only the fully formatted address remains. Therefore you may need to select the new field.

Icon packs have also been removed and are replaced with icon fonts.

The CSS overrides need to be checked out as stylesheets prefixes .trombinoscopeextended_[module id] have been changed to .te_[module id] for the module. For the menu items, .trombinoscopeextended_component prefixes have been changed to .te_trombinoscope.

Trombinoscope Contacts v2.7.0
Trombinoscope Contacts Pro v2.7.0