MooTools MooTools

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Note This only applies to MooTools packaged with the Joomla! framework. If MooTools is loaded externally, it will be considered like any other script.

Disable when possible Will disable the MooTools libraries following the following set of rules for safe removal:
  • no other library using MooTools is loaded from /media/system/js (won't be deleted if using mootree.js for instance)
  • if there is no edition of articles, weblinks (MooTools is needed for article saving for instance) i.e. when view != form
  • if component.php is not in use (MooTools is needed to import images for instance) i.e. when tmpl != component
  • we are not in the pages specified in keep in pages
Keep in pages When MooTools is set to be disabled, it can still be enabled in the pages listed (one path per line).
The same rules used for Enable only in pages apply.
Disable Captions Gets rid of JCaption.
Note Until Joomla! 3.1, the caption script is a MooTools script.

Warning Disable MooTools at your own risk.
You may break some features (search filters functionality and frontend article submission for instance), especially with Joomla! 2.5 and under.

If your Joomla website does not use MooTools, you will benefit from disabling it:

  • it will increase the page load speed by removing unneeded javascript code,
  • it will eliminate conflicts between MooTools and jQuery.