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Set these parameters when showing an image. Image parameters can have different values for the header and the footer of the article.

Default image The image to use when no image has been found
Background color The image's background color for images with transparency
Border width The border around the images (in pixels)
Border radius [CSS3] The border radius (a value of half the image width will result in a rounded picture, if the width and height are identical)
Border color The border color
Shadow width [CSS3] A shadow to the image (the bigger the value, the larger the shadow)
Filter A filter to apply to the thumbnail
  • Sepia
  • Grayscale
  • Sketch
  • Negate
  • Emboss
  • Edge detect
    Edge detect
Warning The filters cannot be applied to Gravatar images
Quality .jpg The compression for the .jpg image (0..100).
100 has best picture quality but image file size is the biggest.
Usually, a quality of 60 gives good results (enough compression to make the file size small but not too much so that the image still looks good)
Quality .png The compression for the .png image (0..9).
0 has best picture quality (no compression) but image file size is the biggest.
Usually, 3 to 5 give satisfying results

the PHP GD extension php_gd2 is required for the creation of image thumbnails. Make sure this extension is available on your service provider's server. The module will detect this automatically.