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You do not need to uninstall the extensions before updating them. In fact, by uninstalling them, you will lose all configurations (module instances...).

Before updating, make sure you read the change logs and are aware of potential backward compatibility issues.

Cached scripts and styles are removed on update. Updates fix issues, add features and/or improve performance and these wouldn't be reflected unless all cached files are re-generated.


Moving to Joomla 4 from Joomla 3.10

For a successful migration to Joomla 4, the extension first needs to be up-to-date in your Joomla 3.10 configuration.

No version will be available until the component Weblinks has been made available.

There are a few changes for Weblink Logos free and pro:

  • If you created any specifically, common_user_styles and substitute_styles stylesheets must be moved to the /media folder (find more info in the documentation).
  • Template overrides NEED to reflect the changes made for Joomla 4 compatibility. If you have created any, you have to update them.

Migrating to v3.1 from v3.0.x

Pro If you have overrides for any of the views, you will need to update them if you want to take advantage of the new enhancements.

Migrating to v3.0 from v2.9.x

The free an pro extensions have been updated to be able to work without jQuery or Bootstrap. Accessibility has also been improved. That requires all your template overrides to be updated as well if you want to be able to take advantage of all the improved code and features.

Here are the main changes you need to be aware of before updating:

  • support for Internet Explorer 8 and 9 has been dropped,
  • when using animations in the module, the visible items parameter requires a value (if no value is set, it defaults to 1, which may change the way your animations look until you set a value),
  • animation page numbers have been removed and replaced with just dots,
  • Hit feedback is no longer set for all module instances on the page, it is now set individually.

FIXED in v3.0.1 The module's carousel DOES NOT yet support RTL. If you absolutely need a carousel with RTL support, please do not update at this time

Migrating to v2.9.x from v2.8.x

Make sure you update the overrides you may have created (directories and layouts) to get the latest edition features.

Migrating to v2.8.x from v2.7.x

Make sure you update the overrides you may have created (for directory views, module instances and search layout) to get the latest edition features.

Migrating to v2.7.x from v2.6.x

Make sure you update the overrides you may have created to get the latest features.

Migrating to v2.6.x from v2.5.x

The Bootstrap compatibility improvements require all overrides to be updated. Overrides won't fail if you do not update them but you won't get the benefits of updating to this version.

If you are using modals, the extension won't load the MooTools framework anymore.

Migrating to v2.5.x from v2.4.x

Pro Layouts are now placed in sub-folders to become visible and easily accessible in your template's overrides tab. You will need to move your overrides into identically named folders (your overrides won't be visible until you move them). For more information, check the layouts section in this documentation.

Free Pro image improvements will only be available if you update all your template overrides, if you have any.

Migrating to v2.4.x from v2.3.x

If you want to take advantage of the new features for the category index selection box and title links, make sure you update the category index layout and module/view overrides, if you have any.

Migrating to v2.3.x from v2.2.x

The major internal changes applied in this release all have backward compatibility. Nothing will break BUT if you want to take full advantage of the latest improvements, you will need to update the template overrides.

Note that there is a change in the extension's behavior: weblink items won't show if the first image is missing UNLESS a default logo is setup. If show errors is set to 'yes', it can troubleshoot why a module instance or some of the items are not showing or why items are missing in the directory view.

Migrating to v2.2.x from v2.1.x

Layouts and module/view templates have been modified. Although these changes won't break your pages, you will need to update your overrides, if any to get the latest functionality and fixes.

Stylesheets have been modified to better fit your templates and allow for better responsiveness as well as using new techniques for display (flexbox).

The dash after the hits has been removed from the stylesheets, it is now a parameter called 'separator'.

Migrating to v2.1.x from v2.0.x

The caching of stylesheets and scripts has gone through a total rewrite. It is no longer necessary to change file permission access on websites that have very tight security rules. If you have setup file permission access for the files of this extension, you can now safely remove them from your server configuration.

You may still, however, run into access permissions under the new caching system. In that case, it is just a matter of granting access to (or white-list) the /cache folder created for the extension.