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Some elements are displayed through layouts, allowing overrides.
These layouts are created for:

  • the directory view category index (wlpcategoryindex.php),
  • the directory view tag index (wlptagindex.php),
  • the directory view print icons (wlpicons.php).

You can find those layouts under components/com_weblinklogospro/layouts.

For best practice, it is recommended to create overrides of those files rather than update them. That way, the next component update won't dismiss the changes you have made.

In order to create an override, copy the layout that needs to be modified to:

Joomla 3.1 [current_template]/html/layouts
Joomla 3.2+ [current_template]/html/layouts/com_weblinklogospro

The layout you have modified will have precedence over the component one.