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New Pro v2.5+
Show a module instance inside an article or K2 item after a determined paragraph number.

This functionality is more and more popular on the Internet and gives direct access to articles that are related to the one the visitor of a site is reading. Used wisely, it can improve the experience of the reader, who can, at a glance, discover what other information the site has to offer.

In order to use the plugin, a few steps are necessary:

Step 1 Enable the content plugin Related News in Article (it is installed automatically with the module, no need for a separate download).

Step 2 Create an instance of Latest News Enhanced Pro that will be used to show inside articles or K2 items.

Step 3 Set key parameters:

  • Position: enter inside-article manually
  • Use as related: by keyword or by tag
  • Exclude current item: yes (so no article can show inside itself)
  • Order: random or recently published first
  • Max count: 1 (for faster results, avoid animation and pagination)

Step 4 Save the module instance

Step 5 Go back to the module. When the plugin is enabled and the module instance is set to position inside-article, a new parameter After paragraph shows in the Advanced tab. Set it to whatever value (bigger than 0) suits your requirements.

The paragraph parameter

Step 6 Optional: adjust a few values to visually separate the modules instances from the article it is in.

  • Module class suffix: enter well (with a mandatory space before the class name) and the module instance will be encapsulated inside the Bootstrap well CSS class (the template must be Bootstrap-enabled)
  • Header tag: to adjust the module title to the appropriate header tag (if you show the module title)
  • Module style: xhtml (or inherited from the template)


Note If you want to show related articles in more than one place inside an article, create duplicates of the same module instance, set the order of the items to recently published first then the Start at parameter to 1 and the After paragraph to 2 (for instance) in the first instance, then the Start at parameter to 2 and the After paragraph to 5 (for instance) in the second instance... (considering you are showing only one news item per instance - if not, adjust Start at accordingly). Paragraph locations have to be distinct for each instance.

Note This feature is not limited to related items. You may as well use the plugin just to show a module instance with items of a specific category inside articles of a blog for instance.