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User plugin: Edit Contact in Profile

Trombinoscope Contacts

The plugin adds contact editing to the user profile form whenever a contact and a user are linked together.

You cannot use the plugin if users are linked to multiple contacts.
You can, however, create a User Contacts view instead if you want users to be able to edit all associated contacts

Troubleshoot When using other plugins to edit a profile (like Easy Profile for instance), you may need to re-order the plugins for them to properly work together.

Linking a user to a contact
Fig 1: Linking a contact to a user


Fig 2: Example of contact fields editable in the user profile


Notify admins Send an email or a private message (through the administrator console) to all administrators when a user modifies its contact information.
Note Administrators need to be able to receive system emails (user account setting).

You can override the messages by changing the language keys:

Joomla 4 Since v4.13, the email sent is using a new mail template. Go to System -> Mail Templates and look for the extension's edit notification template. The addition of modified data to the email body has no effect here, it is only available when editing contacts through the extension's edit view. More information can be found at Using Mail Templates
Categories Restrict the edition in the user profile to a subset of contacts 
Sub-categories Include the sub-categories of all the selected categories


Edit picture Allow the edition of the picture
Upload directory The directory used to store contact pictures (a sub-directory of the media manager's images/ folder)

Example contact_pictures

Directory per user Points the directory to a sub-directory of the upload directory created with the user's username
Edit core contact field Allow the edition of the field
Links A .. E
Edit link Allow the edition of the link
Label The label for the link (that overrides the default label)
Description The description for the link
Hint A hint to give to the users

Note The name field is not editable

Additional fields

Custom fields in a user profile
Fig 3: Custom fields in a user profile
Edit custom fields Joomla 3.7+ Select all contact custom fields that you want editable. They will be grouped according to the way the fields are grouped in the admin console. Ungrouped fields are grouped under fields. Grouped fields are grouped under the group title
Edit additional field Allow the edition of the field added by the content plugin Add key contact fields

When editing core Joomla custom fields, you need to set the edit permissions to the fields in order for them to be editable.

Custom fields permissions

When the plugin is enabled, even if allow edition is set to no in a module or menu item instance, the user profile will contain the added contact fields. If you do not want to allow the edition of contact information from a user’s profile, make sure you disable the plugin if previously enabled.

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