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Truly Responsive Slides

Parameters related to tooltips added to slides (does not apply to slides created from images only).
Check the section Tooltips for more information.

Tooltip example
  • The cross inside the circle is called 'the target',
  • The tooltip itself is composed of a title and a content block. The line in between is called 'the separator'.

When using tooltips, Bootstrap is required.

Icon The target the tooltip points to.
Check which icons are available
New 2.5 Joomla 4 Font Awesome icons are now supported
Icon size The size of the icon
Icon color The color of the icon
Background color The background color of the icon
Radius The radius of the icon background (0 for a square background, 10 for a round one)
Shadow The shadow for the target
Pulse animation A little CSS3 animation that attracts user attention
Text color Set the color of the text in the tooltips
Background color Set the background color of the tooltips
Separator Show or hide a separator between the title and the content of the tooltips. The separator color is the color as the text color, but with low opacity

The tooltip title is a h3 header tag. It may reflect the h3 styling of your template.