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Troubleshoot missing tabs or parameters in module (administration)

First published April 15, 2019
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If you are missing parameters in any of the modules created by Simplify Your Web (in the Joomla administrator console), you may be a victim of conflicts caused by colliding extensions.

It has been brought to my attention that, for instance, the JSN Power Admin component causes issues, from the what-seems-to-be-harmless option: Enhance module position chooser.

This option, which replaces the module position field with its own, actually uses javascript that may conflict with the scripts used by the Code Mirror editor, packaged with Joomla.

Simplify Your Web modules use that editor to allow users to enter CSS or scripts into their parameters.
The symptom is easy to spot: check the last option visible in the module; it will probably be a CSS override field.

So far, the only workaround is to disable the Power Admin enhancement option. Hopefully, this will be fixed by the developers of Power Admin in the near future.

Be aware of extensions that modify Joomla's standard behaviors in the administrator console. They are great in making your life easier (and I really recommend them), but they can break other extensions in the process.