Joomla, jQuery and PCI compliance

First published May 04, 2018
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PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is a set of security standards that websites have to follow in order to be able to process credit card transactions.

Generally, a third-party security assessor conducts the tests and generates a PCI compliance report, examining the physical infrastructure of the website, its access and potential code vulnerabilities.

The Joomla! platform is more secure than ever but third-party extensions and vendors may still have code issues that may need to be addressed.


Improving page load speed in SimplifyYourWeb extensions

First published February 17, 2018
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The extensions created by SimplifyYourWeb offer a wide number of options that allow you to increase page load performance. At times, I realize that these options are not always taken advantage of. Here is an exhaustive look at those advanced parameters and what they can do to help.


Google reCaptcha v2 for Joomla 2.5

First published January 17, 2018
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Joomla! 2.5 support ended December 31, 2014 (the latest official release is 2.5.28). Although this was more than 3 years ago, many sites have not yet migrated to Joomla! 3 (find reasons why you should migrate here).

Many of those sites use the Google reCaptcha v1 widget. Google will turn off reCAPTCHA v1 on March 31, 2018. Therefore, any call to the v1 API will not work after March 31, 2018 and forms will fail.


The Joomla module title and a little misconception

First published November 28, 2017
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Once in a while, I am asked specific questions about modules. The user thinks there are problems with the module while the issues are actually template related. Those questions come from a confusion that is originated by the way module parameters are presented to the user in the Joomla console.


Troubleshoot (custom) field rendering on a live Joomla website

First published June 13, 2017
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Starting with Joomla 3.7, custom fields have given websites the ability to add fields to contact forms. While the rendering of those fields looks alright in the administration console, you may end up, in the live part of the site (or frontend), with unexpected outputs (radio buttons not skinned, lists not showing…).


Introducing the picture background theme for Trombinoscope Contacts

First published April 13, 2017
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There is a new kid on the block and this is one that is aimed to take advantage of the new picture background feature introduced in the Trombinoscope view and the module of Trombinoscope Contacts (free and pro).

Show a background image (a default image, the contact itself or any media custom field in Joomla! 3.7) behind any contact picture and make the contact cards more attractive and colorful.


Beware of template overrides

First published March 29, 2016
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There is a great feature that comes with Joomla! : the ability to override components, modules, layouts or even plugin outputs.

While this is wonderful for adding your own code snippets into the core components or other extensions found in the Joomla! Extensions Directory, the convenience and flexibility of it slowly becomes a burden overtime.