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Troubleshoot: Fatal or Class SYW... not found error

First published April 27, 2017
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The issue

It's been reported a few times that suddenly, after an update, fatal errors or Class not found errors can occur when accessing an extension or a page hosting a Simplify Your Web extension.

Although a major issue (since it may crash the site on some pages), it is easily fixable.

Most extensions we create use an external library that 'consolidates' code. That library is called the Simplify Your Web Extensions Library.

It has many advantages, some of which are:

  • it limits the amount of code added to your site, especially if you use several of our extensions,
  • any update that fixes an issue on this code fixes issues in all the extensions at once,
  • it reduces errors and duplication of code.

In older extensions, it was required to download that library manually. Most recent installments include the library, and now updating an extension also updates that library (if outdated) or installs it if missing.

Unfortunately, the library may go missing at times, either removed manually (over an overzealous cleanup), or during an update or install of an extension or Joomla. The library may be also present but it feels like Joomla has 'forgotten' where to find the proper classes. 

You may end up with an error similar to this one:

Fatal error: Class 'SYWHeaderFilesCache' not found in headerfilesmaster.php on line 13

If any error starts with Fatal error: Class 'SYW...', it is an indicator that the external library is missing.

The Solution

Just download and re-install the library. It should fix the issue. If not, please report the problem.