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The reCaptcha widget will not work unless you have registered your domain at Google and acquired site (public) and secret (private) keys.

However, you can test the reCaptchas on a production site with the following test keys:

  • site key: 6LeIxAcTAAAAAJcZVRqyHh71UMIEGNQ_MXjiZKhI
  • secret key: 6LeIxAcTAAAAAGG-vFI1TnRWxMZNFuojJ4WifJWe

Note You can now use the test mode rather than entering the test keys manually.

You need to enter those keys in the Custom reCaptcha plugin, under the Mandatory Options tab.

If you were previously using the Joomla! core reCaptcha plugin on your site, the values of the keys should have been transferred automatically to the Custom reCaptcha plugin on install.

Register your site at Google:

Get reCaptcha

Warning Keys for version 1 of the widget are not handed out anymore. All keys created by Google are now working for version 2 of the widget only. If you are using version 1 of the widget and want to upgrade to version 2 (no Captcha or invisible), you will need to get new keys for your site.